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Recently my gaming group started playing Traveller 20. Along the way we got a chance to design our own ship. Some of the designs we came up with are shown below:

The Big Momma - mothership for our previous campaigns 100tonne scout.
The Ebon 2 - We lost out original ship during a misjump, this is a redesigned version of it.
The No! I am Spartacus! - A trial design of a new ship.
The Warspite - A destroyer the group was thinking about making.
The Supernova - A bigger version of the latest groups ship.
The Zephyr - A massive uber-ship that we discovered in our current campaign, which we will no doubt destroy shortly.
A freighter - It's a freighter!.


Some vehicles the party have, or had, or thought about having...

Thunderstrike Grav Carrier - An updated version of the standard grav carrier, designed for transporting troops in battledress.
Wolverine Modular Heavy Battledress (assault variant) - New design of Heavy Battledress for the group.
Cougar Modular Battledress (standard fit) - New design of standard Battledress for the group.
Cougar Modular Battledress (scout variant) - New design of Battledress for the group.
The Me Kon - A personal grav vehicle for non-battledress proficient people.
A grav tank - Also known as a floaty kill box.


Below are modified versions of the starship and vehicle generator spreadsheets that can be found at Falkayn.com.

Starship generator spreadsheet. Approx 1/2 meg in size.
Vehicle generator spreadsheet. Approx 1 meg in size.

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