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Regular Players

At present we have quite a few regular players, as shown below. The Death Page gives some interesting statistics on how their characters died.


Alex is one of the newest members of the group, and as such we don't know much about him, although it does appear that he survives on cadburys mini eggs (Note to Cadburys, if you'd like to give me free chocolate for this mention of your exceedingly delicious product, please contact me via our groups forum (Snorg.co.uk)..
Good Points: Didn't demand to play an anti-Paladin ninja darklord uber-vampire of death when he turned up for AD&D.
Bad Points: Demanded to play an anti-Paladin ninja darklord uber-vampire of death when playing Traveller.
Favourite Food: Anything his magic bag contains.
Favourite Drink: Any liquid over 173K.
Most Memorable Comments: Can I go now? Please? Mr Graham? Please let me go?


Graham gave up smoking, then started again, then stopped. Then started again. Nowadays only smokes when awake. Uses the Atkins diet as an excuse to eat steak three times a day.
Good Points: Buys lots of snacks.
Bad Points: Known to eat dice.
Favourite Food: Anything edible (or not, see bad points).
Favourite Drink: Anything green with an umbrella in it.
Most Memorable Comments: 'I'm not gay!' (In a crowded pub). 'Most of my girlfriends have had smaller breasts than me.' (poor chap. Mind you, he does like his KFC, and it shows...)


A thoroughly nice chap, who adds an air of urbane civility to our otherwise slightly scruffy group. Interestingly, at a recent session, he revealed that he is in fact a 'gangsta', and has demanded to be known 'henceforth' as 'half a new english penny'.
Good points: Loads of em
Bad points: Breaks coasters.
Favourite food: Nobbbys nuts
Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic


The brains behind the outfit, his stunning logic and amazing repartee have the group in stitches for hours on end. Honest. He also runs Shadowrun and Trinity (Or Aeon Trinity, if you've got an old copy of it). He owns this website, isn't it great? Rumours have it that he owns the worlds largest collection of pubic moths (note, no such things exist).
Good Points: Runs Shadowrun.
Bad Points: Thinks 'you have to be cruel to be kind'.
Favourite Food: Poppadoms with mixed pickle chutney.
Favourite Drink: Wadworths 6X
Favourite Comment whilst shopping: 'Four Candles'


Or 'that dodgy copper', as he's more normally known, runs AD&D. Quite well too.
Good points: Runs an entertaining game of AD&D.
Bad Point: Nicks his mates for fun.
Favourite Food: Truncheon meat.
Favourite Drink: Doesn't matter, he pinches other peoples.
Most memorable comment: 'You're nicked, sunshine' (Well, you'd remember it if you'd just been nicked, wouldn't you. Especially by a dodgy coppa called Nick. Especially when he'd given you the drugs in the first place. Surprisingly, we don't call him Nick Nick Nick. Probably because we don't like Jim Davidson).


Or 'Dagon, the Heretic' to his friends. We don't know why. When we first met him, he looked like Silent Bob. This has now changed. As his picture shows he is currently going through a Morrisey phase, but appears to be transitioning into Howard Moon. Alledgedly had a girlfriend. Runs Paranioa, and has created the best Shadowrun character the group has had in ages, namely David BoJangles. Hippy, mage, and Jethro Tull fan.
Good Points: He's got rid of the beard.
Bad Points: You can now see his face
Favourite Food: Two Viking Specials
Favourite Drink: Anything going
Most memorable comment: 'Yeah, I've been filming a remake of Psycho. Starring Mr Punch.'


Tony is going through a mid-life crisis. He's hit the big 30 (plus some), and now he's decided to shape up, make something of his life, and join the TA. Well known within the group for always liking to talk through all the options, and then going with the original idea. Now lodging with Graham (I say lodging, if you count entrenching yourself at the bottom of the garden in a bunker as lodging).
Good Points: All round nice chap.
Bad Points: Gets excited when people talk about guns and ammo, and parked an armoured car in the garage.
Favourite Food: Survival Rations, or anything he's caught with his own hands.
Favourite Drink: Guinness.
Most memorable comment: (whilst talking to the chinese takeaway) 'I'll have a sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice, Smartlink level 2 and an Ares Hoverdrone please.'


Dan has absolutely no resemblance to either Desperate Dan, or Dan Dare, so I can't make fun of him that way. May be allergic to dice, certainly never brings them along to sessions. Has this strange idea that planning what the party should do in advance, and bringing the right tools, is the correct way to do things! Crazy man! Also has an obsession with the use of gap gun.
Good Points: Scares Paul.
Bad Points: Scares Paul.
Favourite Food: Concrete.
Favourite Drink: Hydrofluoric Acid (on the rocks).
Most memorable comment: 'I can't believe how stingy this GM is! He's making the monsters smaller to make the treasure look bigger!'


Although being welsh, you can't tell from his accent. Look you. Runs Warhammer very well (much better than Graham, due to having patience, and an attention span of longer than 5 minutes). Bit stingy with the XP though. His ability to go through life without injuring himself in any way are legendary.
Good Points: Runs Warhammer without getting angry.
Bad Points: Known to own a caravan and has a habit of breaking bones, falling off things, and generally being injured.
Favourite Food: Tarmac (going by the amount of time he spends with his face in it).
Favourite Drink: Home made cocktails e.g. the vodka special (as detailed below), failing that Warfarin:

Elwyns Vodka Special
In a High ball glass, do 1 part each of the following:
Peach Snapps (i.e. Archers)
Blue Bols (Blue Churocho or however it is spelled).
then you add ice and top up with lemonade
(My added option = 1 shot of Martini dry).
give a little stir and heypresto.
It tastes like pop, and covertly gets you drunk. You drink 2 and feel fine, then you go outside and......
Hello pavement
Most memorable comment: (About Andrew) 'What's that? Is it human?'


Someone Graham met on the internet, who actually turned out to be normal (normally Graham attracts stalkers, and Tony). Also the GM for The Fallen, one of the nicest guilds on D&D online. His real name isn't Jester, but I can't remember what it is (maybe Tarquin, or possibly Boris?). In only his second session with the group he managed to almost kill everyone by setting off a trap. A trap that we had all spotted. A trap that we were working out how to avoid. A trap that needn't have been set off. Get the idea?
Good Points: Runs the best D&D online guild in the existence of creation.
Bad Points: Doesn't turn up that often.
Favourite Food: Custard Pies.
Favourite Drink: Potions of Cure Serious Wounds.

Honorary Members

Or those people who deserve a mention...


The oldest most RPG experienced member of the group, he held the record for most character deaths in one session. Until Matts new character died twice in his first session, who was then rapidly beaten by Alexs 'Oh, I sneezed, damn, died again.' session.
Good Points: Likes wargames.
Bad Points: Copies Matts dress sense.
Favourite Food: Doner Kebab
favourite Drink: Diesel, or Heavy Fuel Oil.


After an on-again, off-again relationship, Andrew finally parted some years ago, threatening to return. A nice chap who suffered from frequent attacks of Graham.
Good Points: Must have been some. Probably his good nature and ability to wind Graham up.
Bad Points: Smelly feet. Really smelly feet. Really Really smelly feet.


Here at Wilshin.net we've found out about a new, undercover roleplaying group. So desparate are they for members that they are recruiting from the Homeless. See Picture 1 or Picture 2 for secret pictures taken by our undercover reporter.
So profitable is this new group, tramps have been seen round Watford wearing the placard 'Will roleplay for food'.

How to contact us

If you're interested in joining our group, you can contact us by visting Snorg.co.uk and using our forum. At the moment we aren't looking for new players, but watch this space...


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