Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LZ-2051-D - Bonded Courier Variant

The bonded courier variant of the well known LZ-2051-C was designed with security in mind. The twin turrets and integral drone rack allow the zeppelin to defend itself in places where other Zeps would fear to float. The cargo space has been sacrificed for the turrets, but the load increased, to allow a heavier underslung load to be carried. The drone rack can be reached via a crawl space.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
3 140 8 8 1 3
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
3 -- 4 64 3590
Seating 2 Setup/Breakdown N/A
Entry 1d + 1s Landing/Takeoff VTOL
Fuel Jet Propeller ( 4000 liters ) Economy 1 km/liter
DP Cost 4752 Cost 379400 ¥
Template Zeppelin Reference Rigger 3, Cannon Companion, SR3 Main rules
Features Rigger Adaptation ( 0)
Secondary Controls ( 0)
Bench Seats (Folding) (Level 1)
Drone Rack (Accomodates Body 3 drone)
ECM (3)
Power Amplifiers (3) Spotlights Pop up remote small anti-air turrets (x2) w/ Vindicator Minigun (0.2CF ammo bin) Electronics Ports (2)

Created using Shadowrun 3rd edition rules (Main rules, Rigger 3 and Cannon Companion).